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Kirkland is dedicated to reducing environmental impacts and making the city a great place to live and work

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
The city of Kirkland is dedicated to building a great community, reducing congestion impacts and improving air quality. The goal of this project is to use innovative and cost effective Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs to encourage alternative commute options to reduce drive alone trips within the City of Kirkland by offering strong incentives to commuters and employers. The intent of these programs is to maximize the efficiency of local infrastructure by encouraging the use of higher occupancy vehicles (carpool, vanpool and transit), active transportation (bicycling and walking) and other alternative commute modes such as telework and compressed work weeks.
Kirkland Green Trip & Totem Lake Green Trip
The Totem Lake Urban Center was designated as a GTEC (Growth and Transportation Efficiency Center) in 2007. As a GTEC, Totem Lake is poised to see growth and high capacity transportation investments. Part of this solution is successful TDM strategies: reducing commute trips and encouraging alternative modes of commuting other than driving alone. In 2010 the Totem Lake Green Trip program was born to address transportation options in Totem Lake.
With additional grant funding from King County Metro in 2014, we were able to grow the program outside of just the GTEC. The Kirkland Green Trip program was created in 2014 to expand the successful Transportation Demand Management (TDM) efforts to benefit the entire city. Starting in May of 2014, anyone who lives or works in the City of Kirkland is eligible to participate in the Kirkland Green Trip program and begin seeing the benefits of trying an alternative mode. While we are now “Kirkland Green Trip” (KGT), you may hear the term Totem Lake Green Trip, or “TGT”. We’re one in the same. TGT just grew up and out into “KGT”.
The City of Kirkland’s Kirkland Green Trip program is a grant-funded trip reduction program. The Kirkland city limits are defined by the map below. Last updated Nov. 2015. 
Kirkland City Limits


City of Kirkland and Totem Lake Urban Center