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Employer Benefits

Commuter programs make good business sense.Commuter programs make good business sense.

Retain employees
Alternative commuting programs improve employee recruitment and retention, because employees perceive their commute as an extension of their overall job experience. These programs give employees choices that allow them to take control of their commute and feel good about their employer, which increases employee morale. By increasing commute options, you create a positive, productive work environment.

Reduce tardiness and absences

When employees carpool, vanpool, or ride the bus, they are more likely to be on time, due the predictability of the express toll lanes and a regular schedule. Additionally, employers report that reducing the stress of commuting reduces absenteeism.

KGT Business Grants – now accepting applications!

The application period for Kirkland Green Trip Business Grants is now open! KGT is accepting applciations for up to $7,000 in grant funding for transportation programs for eligible employers and property managers. Learn more about eligibility on the Grant page, or contact KGT staff to learn more, discuss potential projects, and develop a commuter transportation program at your worksite. Fill out and submit the completed application packet to

Reduce taxes

Employers who offer alternative commuting programs are eligible for a variety of tax benefits and credits. Explore the federal non-taxable transportation benefits for transit, vanpool, ferry, and bicycling by clicking here. For information on Washington State B&O tax credit, click here.

Increase available parking for customers by decreasing employee parking demand

If you’ve ever experienced a shortage of customer or employee parking, then you’ll benefit from an alternative commuting program. Employees who choose an alternative commute create open parking spaces for customers.

Improve mobility

By decreasing the number of trips made by single occupancy vehicles, you contribute to the improved mobility of goods and services throughout Kirkland and Washington.

Be a business leader

Traffic congestion and environmental impacts are concerns in our region. Companies that provide commute benefits become known as good neighbors and thought leaders, can receive media acknowledgement, and are recognized as great companies to work for. Need inspiration? Some Kirkland companies that have already implemented successful alternative commuter program components are listed here.

KGT staff is here to help walk you through the process of improving your program. Contact us today:


phone: (425) 990-3097