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Share your ride and save!Share your ride and save!

Carpooling will save you time and money. Share costs, and cut your expenses by half or more. The more occupants in your carpool, the more you save. Plus, save time in the faster HOV lanes!
Carpooling saves:
  • Fuel costs
  • Insurance costs
  • Vehicle maintenance costs
  • Parking fees
  • Tolls
  • Time


It’s convenient. It’s easy. And there are thousands of potential commuting matches in our system.

How to get started:

Sign up here for our easy online KGT ride match system and we’ll help you join (or start) a carpool that matches your home and work schedule, locations, and times.

Good To Go! Flex Pass

Kirkland Green Trip participants can get a free Flex Pass by logging into your Kirkland Green Trip account and completing a survey. Once logged into your Kirkland Green Trip account click incentives and look for Good To Go! Flex Pass. To use express toll lanes free, carpool drivers will need the new Good To Go! Flex Pass set to HOV mode. Free use of the express toll lanes have occupancy requirements. Learn more here.

Other carpooling benefits:

  • Be socially responsible. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also help reduce the costs we all pay towards the construction of new roads, road maintenance, and air pollution–related health costs.
  • Reduce traffic congestion. The more people carpool, the less congestion there is on the roads.
  • Keep the air cleaner. Carpooling is better for the environment. Having fewer cars on the road means reduced (greenhouse gas) emissions and improved air quality.
  • It’s fun! It’s easy! Daily commutes by yourself can be boring, stressful, or both! If you’re not driving, the commute is far less stressful. And the conversation can be fun! Plus, carpooling reduces your commute time using HOV and express lanes.