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Frequently asked questions

What is KGT?

Launched in May of 2014, KGT is a grant-funded program that rewards residents or workers in the City of Kirkland for using alternative way to get to work other than driving alone. Through rewards, incentives, monthly promotions, and centralized information and commute management tools, KGT makes it easy for you to manage your commute options. This program rewards travel for all types of trips: to the grocery store, to work, to a friend or family member’s house. They all count. Log your alternative travel and see what kind of impact it can have! This differs from the legacy program, TGT which rewarded commute travel, specifically.


Do I qualify for KGT?

If you live or work within the Kirkland city limits, you qualify to sign up for KGT incentives and rewards.

What kind of commutes qualify for KGT rewards/incentives?


How long do I have to enter a trip in my calendar?

You have 28 days to enter a trip from the day you commuted or traveled.

There are a lot of commute incentives listed on the reward incentive page. Are all of these incentives from KGT?

No. Some of the incentives listed on your KGT page are brought to you by other networks you belong in. If you live or work in another city, that city may offer incentive programs as well. Many of these use the same system. Your employer may also offer incentives through KGT. We put all incentives you qualify for in one location for your convenience. Be sure your home and work addresses are up to date in your profile so you receive the most relevant communication.