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Frequently asked questions

What is KGT?

Launched in May of 2014, KGT is a grant-funded program that rewards residents or workers in the City of Kirkland for using alternative way to get to work other than driving alone. Through rewards, incentives, monthly promotions, and centralized information and commute management tools, KGT makes it easy for you to manage your commute options. This program rewards travel for all types of trips: to the grocery store, to work, to a friend or family member’s house. They all count. Log your alternative travel and see what kind of impact it can have! This differs from the legacy program, TGT which rewarded commute travel, specifically.


For employers, KGT provides transportation management tools and services to help you promote alternative commute options to your employees to help cut their commute cost. You can reduce tax, improve employee recruitment and retention by offering alternative commuting programs.

Totem Lake employers are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 in matching grant funds to create a new commute program or enhance an existing program at your worksite.

What happened to TGT?

TGT was also a grant-funded program rewarding commuters for alternative travel to and from work or home in the Totem Lake Area. This program is still around, just with a new name: KGT. For those that live or work within the Totem Lake area, you are eligible for anything going on in the KGT network, but may see additional incentive programs specific to your commute.

Do I qualify for KGT?

If you live or work within the Kirkland city limits, you qualify to sign up for KGT incentives and rewards.

If you are an employer in the Totem Lake Green Trip area and have five or more employees that work within the TGT area, you are eligible to sign up for TGT grant(s).

What kind of commutes qualify for KGT rewards/incentives?


How long do I have to enter a trip in my calendar?

You have 28 days to enter a trip from the day you commuted or traveled.

What if I am trying to log my commute and I don’t use the same mode going to work as I do going home?

You can record different commute modes for each direction. As you click on the commute mode it will ask if if it’s a round trip, click “no” and select the origin address and destination address. Do this for the different mode you use for that day by clicking on the other mode, and performing the same directions.

Do I have to record all of my travel and my commute travel?

Yes! In order to receive your commute incentive(s), you must record your commutes on your Commute Calendar. If you wish to be eligible for other rewards, enter ALL of your alternative travel by adding frequent locations to your profile and logging that travel as well.
Click on the Calendar heading at the top of your KGT page to get to your Calendar.
1. Click on the mode you use for your commute for a particular day.
2. If you use the same mode to and from work, click “yes” where it ask “Round Trip?”. Otherwise, click no. If you click no, be sure to choose the appropriate address from and to for that particular trip.
3. Then click the Continue button
4. Wait, then click on the day(s) you use that mode.
5. If you use other mode, then stay on the calendar page and click the your other mode from the left-hand side and repeat step 2 through 4.

Do I have to record my commutes every day? What if I forget?

You can enter commutes for days up to 4 weeks in the past, so you can enter your weekly commutes once a week if you choose. Or, set a reminder in your phone or in your work calendar.

There are a lot of commute incentives listed on the reward incentive page. Are all of these incentives from KGT?

No. Some of the incentives listed on your KGT page are brought to you by the network you belong to including partner agencies, and sometimes your employer. KGT puts all incentives you qualify for in one location for your convenience. Be sure your home and work addresses are up to date in your profile so you receive the most relevant communication.

Why don’t the trips I count in my calendar match the stats or progress bar?

Be sure that you’re not double-counting. For example, accidentally counting the last few days of March as the first few days of April.

How do I get started?

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