Reduced congestion and emissions will help Kirkland residents and businesses thrive.

The City of Kirkland is dedicated to building and sustaining a thriving community, and part of that effort focuses on tackling the impacts of congestion and improving air quality. Kirkland Green Trip was created in 2014 to help Kirkland residents and employers reduce drive alone trips through programs and resources that encourage and support the use of higher occupancy vehicles (carpool, vanpool and transit), active transportation (bicycling and walking), and other alternatives like teleworking and compressed work weeks. KGT rewards travel for all types of trips: to the grocery store, to work, to a friend or family member’s house. They all count! KGT is funded by state and federal grants, and implemented through a partnership with King County Metro and our friends at Cascadia Consulting Group.

Have questions? Email us or give us a call: 425-448-TRIP(8747)!