Benefits of Carpooling

Carpools save you time and money because you share costs with another driver and have access to time saving HOV only facilities. The more occupants in your carpool, the more you save.

  • Carpool to the South Kirkland or the Kingsgate park-and-rides and park in a reserved spot with King County Metro’s carpool permit program.
  • Let us help plan your carpool commute with a Custom Commute Plan!

Benefits of Vanpooling

Vanpools are comprised of five to 15 commuters traveling in the same direction to and from work. Vanpools save you money through shared costs between participants, and they also save you time, with access to HOV only and tolled HOV tolled facilities for free .

How it works:

  • King County Metro provides the van; insurance, gas and maintenance are included
  • Monthly cost is calculated based on distance the van is traveling, split among the riders
  • Save time and money by accessing the I-405, SR-520 toll lanes for free
  • Access to eight emergency rides home through the vanpool agency
  • Drivers retain access to the van for personal use
  • Use your ORCA card to pay for your Vanpool fare
  • Let us help plan your Vanpool commute with a Custom Commute Plan!

Benefits of Riding Transit

Kirkland has access to reliable transit that can take you all over the eastside (and Lake Washington!). Easily accessible by foot or bike, the Kirkland bus stops have you covered. And if you need to drive, these park-and-rides can be your gateway to an easy ride.

  • Plan your route ahead of time using helpful websites and apps listed under “Resources”
  • Purchase an ORCA card ahead of time, which works on buses, trains, and ferries and save money on monthly plans and time not worrying about exact change
  • Let us help plan your commute by transit with a Custom Commute Plan!

Benefits of Riding a Bike

We’re fortunate to have the 5.75 mile Cross Kirkland Corridor multi-use path running through the heart of our city. From Totem Lake to the South Kirkland Park-and-Ride, hop on your bike and explore your city on two wheels! Beyond the CKC, we’ve got 56 miles of bike lanes to help you get to work easily. Bicycling is an active form a transportation that promotes physical and mental health. Let us help plan your bike commute with a Custom Commute Plan!

Benefits of Walking

You can do a lot by foot: explore Kirkland’s parks, trails and urban sidewalks. PedFlag crossings can be found on streets with speeds ranging from 25 to 35 mph and on streets with two to five lanes of traffic giving pedestrians a safe option to cross the street. Let us help plan your walk commute with a Custom Commute Plan!

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