Property Managers

There are onsite tools you can provide to tenants that encourage alternatives to single driver commutes at the office or housing building you manage:

Parking management (building)

Parking management strategies are helpful when an employer’s parking demand exceeds their supply. Consider shared parking, providing preferred parking for carpool or vanpool or paying your employees to not park.

On-site amenities

On-site amenities can eliminate employees’ need to run errands throughout the day, removing some of the common obstacles employees may see to alternative commuting. Common on-site amenities include ATM, food service, coffee bar, mail services, and laundry services.

Showers and lockers

Employees can shower or just freshen up after their bike or walk commute, and then store their personal belongings at work.

Secure bike storage

Offering secure bicycle storage encourages employees to bike to work, knowing their bicycles will be safe throughout the day. Bike storage can include a bike locker, a bike rack, or a lockable fenced area just for bikes.


Don’t own a fleet of vehicles, but want to offer your employees the option of a company car? Consider zipcar, a membership-based car-sharing company providing automobile rental to its members, billable by the hour or day. For information about zipcar, visit www.zipcar.com.


As an employer, you can create your own incentives using the trip-logging feature through our KGT system – we’ll show you how! There are tax benefits for providing employees with incentives and subsidies, like transit passes, vanpool fares, or bicycle commute costs:


ORCA is our region’s transit card payment system. We can walk you through the ORCA options for employers. Click here to learn more about ORCA business accounts. Starting in September 2018, King County Metro will be using a new contact management database, which will streamline responding to incoming inquiries and contract renewals.

Why start an ORCA pass program? ORCA provides tax savings for both employees and the employer. It helps attract and retain good employees while reducing parking needs. It can boost wages by lowering transportation costs and lowers the number of employees driving alone! Visit the King County Metro Employer Commute Services page for more information.

Learn how small businesses can try ORCA for Business programs at a reduced rate with the WSDOT ORCA small business transit subsidy.

Company vehicles and bikes

By having company fleet vehicles and bikes for employees’ use during the day, you eliminate one barrier employees may have to alternative commuting.

Emergency ride home

Many drivers fear using alternative commuting options because they think they will be trapped at work if an emergency arises or they have to work overtime. A guaranteed ride home program ensures they will be able to get home. You can design your own program, with help from KGT staff, or contract with King County Metro.

Marketing and events

An employee transportation fair, wellness fair, new hire orientation, and other employee events can be excellent ways for employees to learn about alternative commuting options and the resources available, plus meet potential ride match candidates. Ask us how we can support your fair!

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