Kirkland SchoolPool

Kirkland SchoolPool is a program in partnership with the City of Kirkland, local schools, and King County Metro to carry out Safe Routes to School efforts. SchoolPool is a way for cities and schools to make it safer, easier and more fun for families to get to school by walking, rolling (such as biking, using a wheelchair, scooting) or carpooling.

The trip to school is a great time to connect with neighbors, try a new way of getting around while reducing traffic congestion and increasing safety around schools.

SchoolPool Programs & Activities

  1. Walk & Roll to School month (October)
  2. Forming a Walking School Bus
  3. Bike to School month (May) – local and national available resources
  4. Art Contests

How to get involved in SchoolPool

Interested in routinely walking, biking, or carpooling to and/or from school with other families?

  • Connect with your school administration or PTA to see if your school is participating or to ask for school participation.
  • Sign up on Kirkland’s RideShareOnline SchoolPool tool to join in an existing group or to form a new group. This is a free, safe and secure web-based tool that matches families with students at the same or nearby schools who wish to travel together by walking or biking groups or carpooling.
    1. Register for a City of Kirkland SchoolPool account: Online or by PDF Download
    2. Find Your Matches
    3. FAQs
  • Log your SchoolPool trips online or on a printed calendar (middle school calendarelementary school calendar).
  • Enjoy earning rewards!

King County Metro Resources

For questions and comments please contact the City of Kirkland at or 425-587-392.